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RCMP White Horsehair Gold

RCMP White Horsehair Gold

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This is the standard issue horsehair sporran for all Royal Canadian Mounted Police Bands across Canada. This sporran utilizes gilt 6" cantles, patent leather targe, gilt cones & chains, white horsehair for the body and black horsehair for the tassels. RCMP badges are provided by the organization at time of ordering. All horsehair sporrans feature a pouch.

Note: Written approval from one of the regional bands is required when ordering this item.

Sporran Strap Size Guide

Small: 33.5"-42.5"

Medium: 37.5"-46.5"

Large: 41.5"-54.5"

X-Large: 45.5"-54.5"

XX-Large: 49.5"-58.5"

XXX-Large: 53.5"-62.5"

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