Our Storied Legacy

Our History

Welcome to L & M Highland Outfitters, where tradition meets craftsmanship in the world of Highland wear. Founded in 1966 by the visionary duo Langille and Murdoch, our story began with two passionate members of a pipe band in Ontario who faced the challenge of sourcing quality(sporrans and leatherwear for Pipe Band Members) supplies for their craft. Fueled by their commitment to excellence, they embarked on a journey to create a company that would specialize in crafting and offering premium sporrans, leather products (with a focus on belts), and leather bagpipe bags.

Ed Langille assumed full ownership of the company, bringing it back to his roots in Londonderry, Nova Scotia – the very place where he was born and raised. Ed's dedication to the artistry of Highland wear led him to construct a new home for his family, complete with a spacious workshop dedicated to L & M Highland. For over two decades, our business flourished in Londonderry, earning a reputation for excellence in crafting leather pipe bags, particularly our renowned "Elk Hide" bags, celebrated as the best in the piping world.

Ed Langille's commitment to quality resonated globally, with L & M Highland becoming a recognized name wherever pipers gathered worldwide. Ed himself once shared that wherever he traveled, if a Piper was present, they were sure to know about L & M Highland.

While initially, some furs for our sporrans were locally sourced by Ed, our focus evolved with the introduction of Gor Tex bagpipe bags, a shift that prompted Ed to pass the torch. The business changed hands to new owners, in Metro Halifax leading to the relocation of our operations to Dartmouth, NS.

As the industry embraced new materials, we adjusted our focus while continuing to produce leather bagpipe bags. Our collection expanded to include sporrans and leather accessories catering to Pipe Bands, Military Pipe Bands, and Canadian Army Highland Regiments. With 17 regiments in Canada.

For two decades, L & M Highland has steadfastly supplied individuals of Scottish descent, Pipe Bands, and Military Highland Units with top-notch Highland wear. Our enduring legacy is rooted in the craftsmanship, quality, and tradition evident in every L & M Highland product. Explore our collection and join the storied tradition that is L & M Highland Outfitters.

Crafting Tradition and Quality

In 2012, I became the third owner of L & M Highland Outfitters. Faced with financial challenges and an inability to produce a signature product, I steered the brand towards new markets beyond the traditional Highland sector. Leveraging L & M Highland's leather expertise, I cultivated partnerships with the RCMP and non-Highland Military units.

Over the next decade, our efforts resulted in successful contracts for a range of specialized products, from RCMP Officer belts to ornate musical performance banners. By diversifying strategically and collaborating with various agencies, L & M not only overcame financial hurdles but also became a key player in specialized markets, showcasing adaptability and a commitment to excellence.

  L & M Highland, a cultural cornerstone of Nova Scotia and Canada, stands as the sole full-time sporran-making company in North America, a rarity with only a few others globally. For 57 continuous years, we've crafted unique Scottish cultural wear, utilized in diverse events such as weddings, festivals, funerals, parades, piping competitions, and national monuments. Our products hold significance in ceremonies honoring fallen soldiers, graduations, celebrations like Robbie Burns Day and St. Andrew’s Day, Highland Regiment Mess Dinners, and International Tartan Day in New York City. Rooted in Nova Scotia, our skilled team contributes to the global recognition of L & M Highland's exceptional products. We take pride in preserving and expanding this tradition in the world of Scottish Wear.

L&M Products Displayed by Individuals and Events Worldwide

Countries Receiving Shipments:

  • Canada
  • United States
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • France
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • West Africa

Well-known Agencies/Organizations Featuring L & M Products:

  • Prestigious private schools in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Canadian Army (various units)
  • Royal Canadian Navy
  • United States Border Service Pipe Band
  • US Coast Guard Pipe Band
  • Many Fire Department and Police Department Pipe Bands throughout the United States and Canada
  • College and post-secondary school Pipe Bands throughout Canada, the United States, and New Zealand
  • Royal Military College Pipe Band
  • United States Naval Academy Pipe Band

Events and Locations where L & M Products have been Worn:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Canadian Parliament Hill
  • Rideau Hall
  • National War Monument
  • Vimy Ridge Monument
  • Remembrance Day Ceremonies throughout Canada
  • US Presidential Inauguration Parade
  • Repatriation ceremonies for Fallen Canadian soldiers
  • Canadian Fallen Firefighter Annual Ceremony
  • 9/11 Ceremonies throughout New York City
  • Fallen Firefighter and Fallen Police Officer ceremonies throughout Canada and the United States