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L&M Highland

Grey Seal Clan Dress

Grey Seal Clan Dress

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This sporran uses seal fur for the front body and the tassels. It features a Clan badge on a pebbled leather targe with surrounding chrome studwork and decorative stitching. The cantle is chrome and features a stamped Celtic weave pattern. The tassels are mounted on chrome chain and ball bells.

Seal fur is one of the most resilient furs available and will withstand many years of use.

Note: As a natural product, seal fur has variations of both colour and spots making each sporran unique.

Please specify your choice of clan badge during checkout.

Note: Chain Straps are included with all L & M sporrans. If you prefer an all leather strap, simply advise us of that in the notes. Please select the size that fits you when placing your order.

Sporran Strap Size Guide

Small: 33.5"-42.5"

Medium: 37.5"-46.5"

Large: 41.5"-54.5"

X-Large: 45.5"-54.5"

XX-Large: 49.5"-58.5"

XXX-Large: 53.5"-62.5"

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